We are happy and proud to announce that after a birth giving without complications we welcomed Nyne & Davidoff’s 11 beautiful, strong, shiny and healthy Flower Power babies on 18 January 2016.

7 Boys and 4 Girls. No kink tails, no DS, all puppies have a ridge. One male has three crowns and one female has a multi crown.

Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff

Name Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff
NHSB 2716262 (import Sweden)
Welped May 28, 2008
Breeder Mrs. Lotta Malmborg
Owner H.P. Salm
Titles 69 cm / 44 kg / complete scissors bite
Data 69 cm / 41 kg / complete scissors bite / both testicles
Colour wheaten, dark eyes
Sire Multi CH Ascot Alta Mirano
Dame Zaxxon’s Queen Akilah
Health screenings HD A   /   ED 0/0   /  OCD free
MALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
1 Paerdecroon Fellow Fleming Beart Dark Blue 540 gr Correct
2 Paerdecroon Fellow Fender Zipper Gold 550 gr Correct
3 Paerdecroon Fellow Federer Kijani Light Green 470 gr Correct
4 Paerdecroon Fellow Ferrer Ziggy Light Blue 550 gr 3 crowns
5 Paerdecroon Fellow Flower Power Rocco Black 590 gr Correct
6 Paerdecroon Fellow Ferrari Tuur Brown 570 gr Correct
7 Paerdecroon Fellow Forbes Forbes Purple 520 gr Correct


FEMALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
1 Paerdecroon Flower Fleur de Lis Fleur Orange 640 gr Correct
2 Paerdecroon Flower Fonda Zhenga White 490 gr Correct
3 Paerdecroon Flowe Ferra Luna Yellow 500 gr Correct
4 Paerdecroon Flower Fortuna Khuma Pink 550 gr Multi crown

CATEGORY Litters, Our Breeding