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On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


We proudly present that Paerdecroon Baron and Baroness litter is borne on April 2, 2009.

In total there are born 10 beautiful, strong and healthy puppies (7 males and 3 females). 1 Male had bad luck and is stillborn. 1 Male without ridge (he is our Rhodesian), all other puppies have a correct ridge. We are very happy and proud.
On April 15, 2009 unfortunately we lost 1 female puppy. On November 30, 2009 Co-owned Boss got a disastrous car accident and regrettably we lost him afterwards.

Multi Ch. WW ’08 Emoyeni’s Grand Zuberi (Lex)

Name Multi CH WW’08 Emoyeni’s Grand Zuberi (Lex)
Welped November 21, 2002
Breeder Peter and Susan Falk – Emoyeni’s kennel
Titles World Winner 2008
Crufts 2009 qualified
International Champion
Champion of Sweden
Champion of Finland
Champion of Norway
Champion of Danmark
Nordic Champion
Swedish Fieldtracking Champion
Obediance diploma (LP) classe 1
Data 68,5 cm / 44 kg / complete scissors bite
Colour dark wheaten, dark eyes
Sire NordUch DkUch EstCh InterUch BalW Mankoya’s Great Gambo
Dame SUCh Zawadi Zumaridi Johari
Health screenings Mentallly tested
HD A  /  ED 0/0  OCD free
MALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
1 Boss Badu Black 530 gr Correct
2 By Lex Themba Purple 510 gr Correct
3 Balmain Bandu Green 510 gr Correct
4 Borg Borg Blue 560 gr Correct
5 Björkvin Bono 540 gr Ridgeless
(stillborn) 007 430 gr Correct
6 Brax Jenco Grey 580 gr Correct


FEMALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
Pink Pink 410 gr Correct / died
2 Balenciaga Ciaga Yellow 475 gr Small kin tail
3 By Mexx Touza Red 380 gr Correct

Pictures B-litter by Karin van Klaveren