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My Judging

On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


On Friday 13th April 2012 a dream litter is born at kennel Paerdecroon.

Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff are so beloved by us and others due to their incredible amazing sweet and honest characters. Furthermore excellent Rhodesian Ridgeback breeding standards with a lot of champion titles, good movement and healthy dogs are strong anchored in their pedigrees.

We believed in the combination of our dogs Puma & Davidoff (and their both ancestors). Even so much that after 2 unsuccessful efforts in 2010 and 2011, we did a third and last possible attempt.

Our patience and persistence have been rewarded more than triple!

Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) and Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff gave birth to 11 puppies; unfortunately 1 correct male is still born. Remain 10 healthy puppies (4 males / 6 females).
All with a correct ridge and no kink tails or excessive white marks.

Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff

Name Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff
NHSB 2716262 (import Sweden)
Welped May 28, 2008
Breeder Mrs. Lotta Malmborg
Owner H.P. Salm
Titles 69 cm / 44 kg / complete scissors bite
Data 69 cm / 41 kg / complete scissors bite / both testicles
Colour wheaten, dark eyes
Sire Multi CH Ascot Alta Mirano
Dame Zaxxon’s Queen Akilah
Health screenings HD A   /   ED 0/0   /  OCD free
MALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
1 Paerdecroon Divo Davidoff Nelson Green 340 gr Correct
2 Paerdecroon Divo Dali Rico Purple 350 gr Correct
3 Paerdecroon Divo Davinci Basu Blue 420 gr Correct
4 Paerdecroon Divo Double OSeven Fender Black 480 gr Correct
FEMALES Name Usual Name Colour Weight of birth Facts
1 Paerdecroon Diva Dolce Dolce Red 410 gr Correct
2 Paerdecroon Diva Dexx Diva Salmon 400 gr Correct
3 Paerdecroon Diva Doris Day Luna Pink 320 gr Correct
4 Paerdecroon Diva Diaz Rosa Yellow 400 gr Correct
5 Paerdecroon Double Duchess Fay Orange 290 gr Correct


6 Paerdecroon Diva Dollar Girl Thye No color 240 gr Correct