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On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


News 2009

December 19, 2009
Today we went with our 2 boys to the Christmas show in Wijchen. Happy we can write that we have ended our show program 2009 with super results. The judge was very precise and it took nobody for granted to be criticized with an excellent. Therefore we were very pleased that Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff was awarded with one of the selective Excellent’s and a 2nd place in the Intermediary Class. Davidoff did a great job especial now our Puma is in the top of her season it is not easy for him to handle. Davi liked to go around in the show ring and his tail was waging all the time. From males and females puppies our Paerdecroon Baron Borg was the only pup with Very Promising and became BOB puppy. Judge was very charmed of Borg and some other breeders gave us very positive comments on him. Later on in the ring of honour for Best Puppy in Show Borg did also a great performance but was not selected to be one of the finalists.It was pleasant busy with participants and supporters along the ring, also the atmosphere was great. We had a nice day with a lot of very cosy chats.Thanks to all for their words of sympathy due to the loss of Paerdecroon Baron Boss (Badu).

December 14, 2009
Tonight Borg and Edith entered the annual Handlers Competition of KC De Kempen in Geldrop. In the group Starters they have gained a nice 3rd place with 79 points (max. 80 points). It was a very pleasant evening with our thanks to all volunteers and special to our trainers Jan Coppens and Jan van Iperenburg for all their efforts and patience.

December 13, 2009
Great results in Belgium. Today we traveled to the Brussels Dog Show with our 2 males. In the Intermediary Class Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff was placed 4th with Excellent. For Paerdecroon Baron Borg it was his first big show. He acted as he was well experienced in all whole day. Borg has become Best Puppy with Very Promising. Later he had to perform in the ring of honour with another approx. 50 Best Puppies of all breeds, but was not selected for the latest 10. Also in that prominent and overwhelming environment he did a great performance and was not impressed by the lights or music or other dogs. Edith enjoyed it all very much and was the most happy and satisfied handler of all.

November 30, 2009 A black day for kennel Paerdecroon. What nobody even wanted to happen, happened today. Our Paerdecroon Baron Boss, or Badu how he was named by his co-owner Marie-Anne, only 8 months old, has been crashed by a car and passed away.
Beloved Badu, biggest friend of Marie-Anne’s family and possible promise for the future of kennel Paerdecroon, rest in peace. Give our love to your little brother 007 and little sister Pink and half brother Dantos.

November 29, 2009 Today we went with Ferra’s Chuma Mexx Fan under de Mûne and Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff to the Winner Show in Amsterdam. For us it was a goal to show Mexx in the champion class at the Winner Show for ones a time. Mexx did a top job. Out of 6 entries she was place 3rd with Excellent. Full of self-confidence she really enjoyed her performance in the ring. Showing is her second nature. Some words out of her show report were: ‘perfect bitch of 6 years old who shows some charming signs of her age and motherhood but mainly a lot of quality’. Out of 9 very high quality entries in the intermediary class our Davidoff gained a capable 4th place with Excellent. There were a lot of Ridgebacks, it was very busy along the show ring with participants and visitors. Also the RRCN was represented with free chocomel and pepernoten, the traditional Sinterklaas-candies. We are very content with the results of our dogs and can look back to an outstanding show.

November 26, 2009 Magazine Onze Hond – December edition with breed speciality of the Rhodesian Ridgeback. We are very proud that from all 8 ‘’RR next top photo models’’ one or more pictures are published. Mexx, Davidoff and Borg are real photo models from now on.

November 16, 2009 The website is updated with pictures made by Alice van Kempen (see news dated September 25, 2009). Thank you Alice for making these beautiful pictures. Please look at the links of Mexx, Davidoff and Borg for individual pictures. For mixed pictures go to Pictures – link Alice van Kempen.

November 8, 2009 Puma and Davi entered the show in Bleiswijk. Puma (Mumoja) was judged in the Open Class with Very Good / 3rd place. For Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff it was his last time he could participate in the Youth Class and to have a chance on his 3rd and last JCAC for Dutch Youth Champion. It was an extremely close finish. Davi gained the 2nd place with Excellent. Davi is in good company with Puma, she has also won 2 JCAC’s. It was a nice day overall.

October 18, 2009 Today we welcomed our B-puppies ”at home” again. Unfortunately Touza and Jengo could not join this time. With the other youngsters we had a snug and playful walk in the wood close to our home. Afterwards we all had a very pleasant time together with drinks and foods. Same as last time the youngsters liked their sausages and cheese snacks (too) very much. Thank you all for coming and showing your beautiful, fit and good-humoured ridgebacks.

October 4, 2009 In the early morning Henk and Davidoff together went to the IJsselhallen in Zwolle. Davi was awarded with 3rd place / Very Good.
October 3, 2009 Today the Paerdecroon caravan with Mexx, Puma (Mumoja), Davidoff, Borg and Badu (Boss) went to the RRCN Clubmatch in Zaltbommel. Balenciaga joined us for supporting all. All from Groningen Touza (Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx) was present. Mexx was really excited to come along to the show again and she truly liked to go around. What a stunning show dog. Mexx (Champion Class) and Puma (Breeders Class) were awarded with Excellent with both marvellous reports with an extra positive remark about their friendly natures. For both unfortunately no placing. Outside the show ring Mexx received a lot of compliments for her perfect condition just 6 months after she gave birth to 10 puppies, partly via a caesarean section. A few minutes before entering the show ring Davi stumbled and showed very irregular steps. Henk was forced to take a decision in a second and choose to withdraw. Already some time later Davi’s movement problem was completely gone. Than the 3 B-little ones in de puppy class, as they were 1 day too old for baby class. Marie-Anne and her family are well experienced in participating equestrian events but today it was the first time ever she and Badu were visiting a dog show and entering the ring. Both did a really good job and Badu was judged with Very Promising, no placing. With a fresh view Marie-Anne observed this new world and came to the conclusion that there will be a follow up for sure. Well done! Anne with Touza gained the 2nd place with Very Promising. It was positive that the judge clarified via the microphone her arguments for placing nrs 1 to nr 4. Some words were ”this puppy is the youngest of this group, but you have already good notice of her absolute quality’. What a compliment! Davi and Borg had to enter in separate rings almost at the same time. Therefore it was decided that Edith would be the handler of Borg. Also for Edith it was the first time she would go in the show ring by herself. Ring training and flash backs of ”forgoten” riding experiences on a lot of horse dressage events in the past were of absolute help to step over all reserves at the moment supreme. The debut went unexpectedly top. Borg won the puppy class with Very Promising and became BOB puppy afterwards. Borg had a super report but due to our happiness and commotion we completely missed the spoken comments of the judge. May be the combination Borg/Edith will have a future. We could look back to a busy and very successful day.
October 2, 2009 Exact a half year after her second litter Mexx has come into her season.

September 26, 2009 Visited the Show Maastricht with Puma (Mumoja) and Davidoff. This time Davidoff was not placed in Youth Class and criticized with ‘’Very Good’’. Puma kept up the honour by gaining the 1st place in the Open Class with Excellent and second Best Bitch afterwards. If there would be a price for ‘’Best Relaxed Dog’’ than Davi could be a likely candidate and for ‘’Best Relaxed Handler’’ Henk would have a great chance. Furthermore we met Klaus and Fienie again. Thanks for coming to MECC with their so beloved naughty boy Bandu.

September 25, 2009 Together with 5 other ridgebacks, our Mexx, Davidoff and Borg were real photo models today. Alice van Kempen did a photo shoot for illustration a specialty about Rhodesion Ridgebacks in the December issue of magazine ‘’Onze Hond’’, the main dog magazine in the Netherlands. In 2 sessions with 4 dogs each, Alice made a lot of pictures in total. We have to wait if a photo of one of our beloved dogs will be placed. On top of all, we are very proud that our dogs were asked for this reportage. We will receive all photos and of course some will be placed on our website.

September 20, 2009 Today Borg made his first appearance on a special puppy show in Kaatsheuvel organized by KV Waalwijk. The show started with 150 puppies of all kind of breeds of an age of 12 week till 1 year.
All participants (male/female) of all breeds were mixed and entered in several rings in groups of 5 or 6 puppies. Puppies were criticized by 2 separate judges each time. So 2 times the regular judge/show handlings per round. Then the judges combined their findings and puppies were placed. Unfortunately for the one or two last placed puppies the show had ended at that time. We found it very ingenious how the judges could compare all breeds with each other.
All remaining participants were mixed again and invited for the next round. The mixing was happening by a kind of bingo-system. In total there were 10 judges and also by lottery the judge-duo was identified per ring for the coming round.
For Borg the show ended at round 4. The judge -duo preferred a Border Collie female/4 months, a Samojeed female/6 months, a Jack Russel female/6 months and a Berlington Terrier male/9 months. Together with a Deerhound male/6 months, Borg went home with a lot of experience, tired but very satisfied. There were no reports handed over.
It was a very nice and instructive day, the atmosphere was great, the judges were approaching the puppies in an optimal way.

August 29, 2009 Today we went with Puma and Davi to the international dog show in Ahoy Rotterdam. At the same time and location there was the World Championship Judo organized so we left our home very early. The expected traffic and parking chaos was not there at the time we arrived, so we had extra time for a walk with the dogs before entering the building. We went to a park with a big pool near the parking place and let the dogs run. Than suddenly Davi decided to take a jump into the water. When he came out of pool he was wrapped with mud and duckweed. What can you say of his action after Henk’s swimming lessons 3 days before? We were glad that he decided not to swim to the other side.
In the show ring Davi did a really good job; he was place 1st with Excellent out of 8 entries and gained his second JCAC. Afterwards he went 2nd Best Male and gained the reserve CAC. When the judge eyes were busy with the other competitors Davi decided to take a nap; he is such a sweet and cool boy with a lot of humor in and outside the ring!

Puma went into the show ring as proud and happy as always. The judge noticed Puma’s very outstanding movements but she also remarked a small irregularity in which she was right. We were not aware of it during the warming up before entering the ring. Nevertheless the judge was very charmed of Puma’s body, character and movement. This resulted in a 2nd ( 7 entries) place with Excellent in the Open Class. Afterwards we think that this irregularity was caused by some stiffness or straining because we had to take some very straight stairs up and down and some meters very slippery small dike for that walk to the park in the early morning. So next time no straight stairs, no slippery dikes and no playing for Davi when there is a pool around before showing.

It was a very nice day with a lot of nice people and talks. Congratulations to all competitors with their results.

August 26, 2009 Today we went for a walk and swim with Mexx, Puma and Davi to the Aakvlaai/Biesbosch. Mexx is not a swimmer at all and slightly skinny dipping is her maximum. Henk went into the water with Puma and Davi. They put together a real water polo trio in which Henk had the most fun of all probably.

August 22 – 24, 2009 At the start of our holiday Borg and Balenciaga and we stayed a couple of days at their sister’s Touza’s place in Groningen. Together with Touza’s family Dick & Anne and their 2 other ridgebacks we all had a very good time with good talks, food and wine. Borg and Balenciaga picked up their new environment to their own immediately and had a very playful and pleasant time with a lot of new adventures.

August 16, 2009 Today we welcomed our B-puppies and their new families ‘’back home’’. So happy to say that all, except Paerdecroon Baron Balmain (Bandu), were present. We were very pleased to see that all puppies are healthy and in a good condition and shape, but overall that the new owners are so glad to have this pup in their (dog)family. All puppies have happy, stabile and friendly characters, a very good body , bone and nice angulations; furthermore a very good or even an excellent movement . Of course also some ‘’negative’’ items: pups are steeling food and laundry. For a RR they are rather ‘’noisy’’ because they ‘’talk’’ when you cuddle them and bark. Additionally, the owners confirmed separately due to experiences at home and/or at the dog trainings that it looks like that their pup has a few more brain cells comparing their former RR-experiences.
It was a very nice afternoon for people and dogs. The puppies played the whole time, also with Davidoff, Puma and Mexx and the owners chared their experiences so far . In the beginning of the evening everyone went home satisfied and the puppies were “total loss” until the day after!
In October 2009 we will plan a second reunion with a small walk in our environment. We do hope that Fienie, the owner of Bandu is recovered enough at that time to join us.

July 4, 2009 On this very sunny and warm day Davi entered the show in Echt. Out of 6 entries Davi gained the 4th place with Very Good.
For socializing Balenciaga and Borg have accompanied us and both did a very good job whole day. They were walking very free and full of self-confidence along the site, rings, stands and all other dogs. But most they liked all attention and compliments from a lot of people.

July 3, 2009 Today we were invited for an excellent BBQ at Ad’s place. We had a real enjoyable time together with Ad’s dogs (Mila, daughter of Mexx out of her A-litter and Cratos from Ghali Kennel) but special with Ad and his family, Ulf & Helene from Ghali kennel/Sweden, who were visiting Holland together with 2 of their beautiful Ridgebacks to meet their puppies again, and Marcel & Iva with stunning C’Xola (sister of Cratos). Above all we were impressed by Mila. She has grown out as (almost) a look-a-like of her mother Mexx. We hope that Ad (or Henk) will present her at some shows in the future. Thank you all for the very nice time together!

July 1, 2009 Short summary of the last weeks. All B-litter puppies are doing perfect at their new families. Pleasant to mention that all personal vets are consequent positive about each puppy open and friendly mentality and good development. So special that we received this feedback from all separately. The puppy reunions of our B-litter are already planned in August and October. We are looking forward to meet them all again.

June 13, 2009. WOW!!! Today we went with Puma and Davi to the international show in Oss/Berghem. Davidoff did an incredible good job at his first official show appearance. Out of 7 entries he was placed 1st in the Youth Class with Excellent and became Best Male / BOS afterwards. What a dream result! Puma entered the open class for the first time. From 7 participants she gained a very nice 3rd place with Excellent. We are so proud of both.

June 7, 2009. We are very happy to announce the new additions to our kennel: Paerdecroon Baroness Balenciaga. Ciaga was one of the 3 puppies who were born by the caesarian section. Already when she was laying in the incubator it was absolute love on first sight. Paerdecroon Baron Boss. Boss is called Badu now. Badu is living in co-ownership with a family in a village a few kilometers from our home. Paerdecroon Baron Borg. Due to a cancellation in the 7th week of the maternity period we have decided to take our good time to find a new serious home in co-ownership for beautiful Borg (show quality). Borg will stay in our kennel in the near future or for always.
All other puppies will have a great future with very wonderful and RR-beloved couples/families, who all have already Rhodesian Ridgeback experience. We are very happy with all positive feedbacks about Jengo (Paerdecroon Baron Brax), Themba (Paerdecroon Baron By Lex), Bandu (Paerdecroon Baron Balmain), Bono (Paerdecroon Baron Björkvin) and Touza (Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx); all puppies are so relaxed, healthy, self-convinced, social, intelligent, stabile, friendly, contributable, and fully dedicated to and happy with their new family members. With Mexx all is going very good; she is very happy and healthy and is recovering in an optimal way. It will be no surprise that socializing two puppies (together and on individual base) is a real job. We are blessed by the situation that we have the space and time to manage. On the other hand it is absolute amazing how smoothly and easy all is going now in House Salm/Kennel Paerdecroon; all odes go to the tremendous characters and co-operate behavior of our five Ridgebacks. In the next few days we will restructure and update our website with facts about the puppies and recent pictures received from the new owners. Also beautiful pictures of the puppies and our Davidoff made by Karin van Klaveren will be published.

June 2, 2009. After more than a year of waiting, the new family of Badu gave him a very warm welcome at their place today. Badu is co-owned and we will bring him to the ring training together with his brother Borg and sister Balenciaga on regular basis.

May 29 + 30, 2009. Jengo, Bandu, Bono, Themba and Touza have left their mother Mexx, aunt Puma, uncle Davi and their ‘grand-parents” for living with their new, wonderful and loving families.

May 26, 2009. Today Karin van Klaveren made wonderful pictures of the puppies and Davidoff. And off course also a few of Mexx and Puma. Karin, thank you very much!
Unfortunately it was really bad weather and we will repeat the photo shoot later on this year.

April 15, 2009. This morning Mexx and we had to let go her brave daughter Baroness Pink. Since yesterday afternoon she suddenly had problems to keep her body temperature stabile and her belly was swollen a bit. Around mid night she got back her strength and drank a lot of Mexx’milkbar. We could help her with special care and a warm water jar till this morning. Her condition was deteriorating and her belly was swollen more, so we went to the vet with her immediately. The vet listened to her heart and heard an extreme heart rustle. For a second opinion a colleague heart specialist was consulted. The diagnose was a hole between the 2 heart chambers, which caused her swollen belly filled by fluid as her blood circulation failed and the fact that she could not regulate her temperature independantly. The future prospect was very bad. We are so sorry to take the decision to put her to sleep forever. We took her home and have buried her next to her brother. Farewell sweet brave Baroness Pink… we love you.
Furthermore we are extreme happy to tell that Mexx and her puppies left are doing very well.

April 13, 2009 Today Puma entered the show ring in Leeuwarden. She really did a good job and was placed 3rd with Excellent. Remark of the very friendly judge was that Puma is in a too rich condition.

April 8, 2009 All is going perfect with Mexx and her Barons & Baronesses in Kennel Paerdecroon.
In slight 6 days 1 Baron has doubled his weight already and 4 Barons have their weights above 1 kg by now. Most probably all Barons’ weights will be doubled and more than 1 kg by tomorrow. The average increase in weight of the Baronesses is 80% now.
The whole litter is very healthy, strong and absolute satisfied in this world. It is really wonderful how all puppies are growing and acting together. Today all are sleeping so restful and may be they take a day pause in growing. Mother nature will arrange it all. We can only say that our biggest role now is to watch and to enjoy.
Mexx is already in a better condition now than at the same time during her 1st litter. It is amazing how fast she is recovering from birth and the operation. She is very loving and careful to her puppies. Furthermore Mexx is so relaxed. She trusts and handles with the whole situation by full passion. She has a perfect appetite and takes her time to eat and drink and to take care of herself afterwards. Monday last already she wanted to inspect the kitchen & living room and to meet for a second with Puma and Davi, who both received noise-kisses immediately.
Lets don’t forget our great Puma and Davi. Both are also doing a great job overall. It looks like they make themselves invisible inside the house and fully accept that there is less time left now. We moved their beds to the hall next to the puppy room. In this way they are involved with the new situation and can be close to us as they always want to be. Both keep themselves ”as quite as a mouse” also when we passes by; only their eyes are moving. Every day we spent some quality time with ‘’our orphans’’ to show that we don’t forget these beautiful toppers with wonderful natures. Afterwards we don’t see or hear them anymore for hours. Our jack russel Sjaak is outside all the time and he will meet the puppies over a couple of weeks. Thanks to all who send us flowers, cards, emails and messages in our guestbook. There was even a family, who we had to disappoint and they give us flowers. Another family sent us plush toys already bought for their puppy. We are so sorry and thank you so much!

April 2, 2009 Today Mexx started to give birth at 14.00h. The first 6 pups went very well without any problem. Unfortunately at 18.30 hrs the 7th pup (male with correct ridge) was still born. After Paerdecroon Baron 007’s birth Mexx had contraction, but what she tried, no pup. Our feeling was not to wait and we decided to go to the veterinarian. The x-ray showed that there were still three puppies in the uterus. After the vet felt inside of Mexx she came to the conclusion that inspite Mexx hard working and contraction there was no sign of the puppies. So we decided to do a caesarian section and three healthy puppies were born. The problem was that pieces of placenta’s left blocked the puppies way of birth. With this conclusion we can say that brave Paerdecroon Baron 007 must have been very strong, and we are so sorry that he did not succeed in the very last part after such hard work together with his mother. Afterwards our rush to the vet was the only right decision to save the 3 puppies and Mexx.
In total there are born 10 beautiful, strong and healthy puppies (7 males and 3 females). 1 Male had bad luck and is still borne. 1 Male without ridge; all other puppies have a correct ridge. We are very happy and proud.

March 21, 2009 Today we went to the vet with Mexx for the second and last herpes vaccination and general check up. Mexx was put on the scales and her weight has been increased with 11,5 kg in 48 days. That is really huge. Nevertheless the vet criticized Mexx in a wonderful and health pregnant condition.
When we went home and put Mexx back in the car, there came out of the blue a loud bang. Then we found out that the glass in the window of the fifth door (which was still open) of Henk’s station wagon has cracked totally and voluntarily in million glass splinters. All felt above and around Mexx and behind the car. Mexx stayed completely calm and waited for our help. Rock steady Mexx is a fantastic dog and fortunately she was not hurt at all.

March 16, 2009 A short summary of last week. Mexx had serious problems with her hormones and this resulted in that our sofa is destroyed now. We have already set up the whelping box. The bed in the whelping box is the favorite place of Davi now. It is difficult to make Davi clear that this is not the place for him to be over a few weeks, but for the time being it is OK, also for mama Mexx.

March 15, 2009 We visited the dog show in Leiden. Mexx stayed at home of course. Davi joined us as supporter. Puma entered the ring and was placed 2Excellent in the intermediair class. Puma did a great job and was very co-operative in showing. Davi behaved wonderful the whole day and waited patiently on all what was going to happen. We were very satisfied and it was a nice day with a lot of chats.

March 14, 2009 Edith enjoyed a very nice and constructive (dog) photo workshop given by Bonnie van den Born.

March 9, 2009 A summary of Mexx’s and our activities of the last week. First we want to thank our puppy people who have been waiting for a year or more already for their loyalty. One family is having a difficult time due to family circumstances at this moment and we wish them strength.
We also thank all others for showing their interest in a Paerdecroon pup, for having visited us in the last months and for their decision to become a member of our puppy list.
Our ridgebacks are absolute top stunners! Although our trio is not familiar with a lot of children at our place, they are so sweet, gentle and calm to all kids of all ages who joined their parents. We are so proud of them. Mexx is studying all in a certain way; Puma and Davi are making a lot of new little friends.
For Mexx it has been quite easy so far. Her daily rhythm is sleeping, growing, eating, sleeping, growing, eating. When she is awake she is really doing fine and makes a very healthy and happy impression. Mexx is a natural in the show ring and model; nowadays it looks like she has her pride and is not willing to cooperate in recording the changing of her body. We have to make the pics at moments she is not really aware of it or when she is too busy with her food. Yesterday afternoon Mexx enjoyed a nice smooth walk in the woods near our place. Her behavior in the group is changing; she is very careful to herself.
During last year we have become more and more aware by ourselves and by experiences of friendly kennels that happiness, disappointment and sadness in expectations of planned litters are not that far apart at all. Finally mother nature will decide what will happen and how it turns out. That is why we forced ourselves to stay earthen and rational step by step and wait till Mexx will come good out of birth and the puppies are laying smoothly and satisfied in the whelping box. But, after the good news of Mexx’s pregnancy, we were not able to keep this promise to ourselves and lost control. Our happiness showed immediately in a mix of spring tickling, cleaning mania all over, removing unwanted collections, preparing garden and others to be puppy proof, shopping for toys, fleece plaids and really a lot of other things for the youngsters.
One important item has still to be bought: a nice mobile bed for one of us to sleep near the whelping box the nights before birth and 3 weeks after. In short, Paerdecroon is seriously suffering from a huge nest building syndrome and we all enjoy it so very much.

February 28, 2009 Mexx is pregnant!!! We are so happy !
Today we did an ultrasound. The veterinary could see many little ridgebackies. From some we could already see that his or her heart is beating.

February 27, 2009 Mexx received her formal Raad van Beheer Dutch ”champion medal”. We are so pround on this.

February 11, 2009 Today we received the official FCI certificate of Mexx’s International Championship.

February 3, 2009 Henk left Surte (about 17 km north from Göteborg) early in the morning at 07.15 hrs. The journey went well and he was home at 19.30 hrs. Tired but satisfied that everything turned out as planned.

February 2, 2009 This afternoon Henk met Tina and Lex again to make some pictures and to talk about…….Ridgebacks. That evening Mexx and Lex mated by the 2nd time. Both Tina and Henk had good feelings about it that everything was planned on the right time. After saying goodbye on the Swedish (Hug) and Dutch (3 kisses) way, the Swedish adventure was finished. Now we have to be patient till the end of February when we do an ultrasound.

February 1, 2009 Mexx and Lex mated for the first time this evening.

January 31, 2009 The Swedish-Dutch adventure began! Henk & Mexx left at 10.30 hrs by car and after a good journey they arrived in Surta approx. 12 hours later.

January 18, 2009 Today we went with Davi to the Clubmatch KV Waalwijk in Kaatsheuvel. Davi did a good job gaining BOB puppy. Henk was wearing his special Swedish show outfit; this was a promise to Davi’s breeder Lotta.
Pictures of this can be found in Davi’s album.

January 17, 2009 After 11 months waiting, Mexx season is started!

January 5, 2009 Today it was SNOW TIME in Holland, it was very cold but our ridgebacks had a lot fun, before they went to the heater!

January 1, 2009 A new year, full of surprises has begun. The first challenge for us is the translation of our website. Within a couple a days, we hope that all the text on our website is published in English. In the meantime we are crossing our fingers that Mexx will come in her season very soon.