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On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


News 2010

December 30, 2010
We proudly announce that Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s firstborns possible will be born at kennel Fan ûnder de Mûne, the address where our Rhodesian Ridgeback life has started. Mrs. Winie Meijer, breeder of our first RR, Dutch/International Champion Ferra’s Mexx Chuma Fan ûnder de Mûne (Mexx is the mother of Borg) has asked Borg for her Shakira’s Kimani Fan ûnder de Mûne. Although it is the first time for both dogs, the matings on 28 December and 30 December 2010 went without any problem and relaxed (also for the owners). We keep our fingers crossed for a pregnancy and wish Winie all the best and good luck with this for us all very special litter.
December 25, 2010 We wish you all a HAPPY X-MAS and ALL THE BEST FOR 2011!

December 18, 2010
4WD and wintertires on and through the snow on the way to the last show in 2010 in Brussels. Paerdecroon Baron Borg won the Intermediate Class with Excellent again. It was a very close finish for Best Male and Paerdecroon Baron Borg finally got the reserve CAC/reserve CACIB. With enormous proud and good feelings we are looking back to an unbelieveable good show year in 2010 of our dogs Paerdecroon Baron Borg, Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Mumoja.

December 12, 2010
Ferra’s Chuma Mexx Fan Under de Mune’s offspring had a great result in Wijchen. Paerdecroon Baron Borg won the intermediate class with excellent, but then the numbers 1 and 2 of the CH.class males were his superiors.
After 6 months our Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) has entered the show ring again. With excellent judging Puma won the open class with 8 entries, following to become 2nd Best Bitch. Stunning Puma got the CACIB and reserve CAC. We are very proud!

December 9, 2010
Paerdecroon Munim (Joe) with his owners Mark and Andra van Bommel on the cover from the magazine HELDEN (edition December 2010).

November 30, 2010
His family and we are in thougth with our beloved and stunning Badu (Paerdecroon Baron Boss) who went over the rainbow a year ago.

November 28, 2010 On the very prestigious Winner Show Amsterdam with large and high quality competition Paerdecroon Baron Borg has won the Intermediate Class with Excellent.
November 20, 2010 Today at the International Eurodogshow in Kortrijk (Belgium) Paerdecroon Baron Borg has been judged with his first ”Very Good”.

November 10, 2010 We received the results of Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s x-rays. HD A with Norbergwaarde 40, without any comments. Further ED and OCD free. The best results Borg can get. Needless to write that we are extreme happy with these results.
November 9, 2010 Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s DNA is tested for the livernose gene, and he is carrier (Bb).
November 7, 2010 We visited the international dog show KC Dordrecht in Bleiswijk. Paerdecroon Baron Borg was placed 1st in the Intermediate Class with Excellent. We had a very pleasant time among other due to a very sportsmanlike competition of two German champion class dogs for their last point for Dutch Championship, drinking bubbles all together!

October 23, 2010 Today we received the lab result. The DNA test of Paerdecroon Baron Borg confirmed that Borg is free of Degenerative Myelopaty (DM).

October 15, 2010 We are so extreme sorry and very disappointed that the ultrasound did not identify any babies of Puma & Davidoff. A second effort of this combination will be done during the next mating season of Puma. We want to thank all puppy families for their interest, trust and visits to our kennel. For the first coming litter at our kennel we will now focus on the 3rd and last litter of Mexx.

October 10, 2010 International Dog Show in Zwolle with enormous success for Paerdecroon Baron Borg. First he has won the Intermediate Class with Excellent. After that the Danish judge Mrs. B. Möller Hansen chose Borg for Best Male and herewith Borg has gained his first CACIB already at an age of 18 months. Probably Borg has thought Game-Set-Match and he did his utmost again. Borg was mentioned to Best of Breed. That means that Borg was invited for the Ring of Honor to compete for Best in Group 6. It is very special that Borg gained the day with a stunning 3rd place/BIG3. Herewith Paerdecroon Baron Borg is qualified for the status Show ‘’Hond van het Jaar 2010’’ on 20 February 2011. It is all almost unbelievable and we are so proud.
For videos of today’s performances of Borg & Henk:

October 2, 2010 Today at the RRCN coursing day during their very first appearances Borg and Balenciaga showed themselves as natural coursing talents. Both have run 2 x a full round and bettered their PR in the second round. Borg was placed 4th and Balenciaga 10th. Overall the ladies were much faster than the boys. The dogs really enjoyed it and we like to continue … thanks to the organization and all volunteers and congrats to all. Pepper from our A-Litter was also present. Pepper preferred her own royalty travel accommodation facilities in the Landrover Defender much more than the coursing tracks.

September 26, 2010. Today we drove to Maastricht in the South of Netherlands. Paerdecroon Baron Borg entered the intermediate class and gained a second place with excellent with a lot of compliments on his judge report.
September 16 – 17, 2010. Paerdecroon Cherished Couple, Mumoja (Puma) & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff are mated on these dates. We hope to welcome Paerdecroon C-litter puppies around 18 November 2010.

September 4, 2010. Paerdecroon Baron Borg prolongs his success on the Dutch RRCN Specialty. He had end his Junior Class performance with Best Junior 2010. Afterwards he was proclaimed to 2nd Best Male and got the reserve CAC as well. A new hug cup can be added to his trophy cabinet.

August 9 – 17, 2010. Together with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Baron Borg we were on vacation in Sweden and have visited an international dog show and the SRRS Mellan Specialty in Askersund on August 14/15 2010. We have stayed in a nice B&B near Örebro. Furthermore we have slept a night at Davidoff’s ‘Zaxxon home’ and had a nice walk together with Davidoff’s ’mom&dad’ Lotta&Johan, their handsome son Maximus and RR grandma Ninja and Becca. Thank you so much for your kind and warm hospitality. We also had a pleasant BBQ together with several owners of a Kadamo x Zaxxon ‘pup’; thanks to have met and know you all better. Our boys did like their vacation addresses very much and have experienced the (long) trip by car very calm and without any problems. For individual pictures go to Davidoff and/or Borg – link home made pictures.

July 24/25, 2010 Ausstellung Club E.L.S.A. in Bad Wildungen/Germany. It was a bit thrilling because it was the first time that Paerdecroon Baron Borg would come along without company of one of our other dogs and had to ”live alone” in an hotel. Steady Borg behaved as it was normal daily business for him. Herewith Borg permitted us a long relaxed weekend without any problems and above all he did his utmost in the show ring.

Again super performances. Under two separate judges from Finland Borg was placed 1st in Junior class with Excellent / VDH JCAC on Saturday and Sunday he gained a 2nd place with Excellent / reserve VDH JCAC. We really enjoyed this E.L.S.A. show weekend in a beautiful environment and with nice people; there was a great atmosphere over all. Again so positive words from the judges, other participants and breeders. Thank you all for that. Our special thanks to the E.L.S.A. organization of this perfect jubilee show.

July 18, 2010 Is there any other reason for a party than that you realize that you have had several times the luck to stand on the right platform, stepped into the right train at the right moment and that you have taken some emotional and rational decisions in the right way or that you can admit you did some not. We started from level zero with dog showing nearly 4 years ago with our first RR Mexx when she was already 3 years old. Due to her outstanding quality Mexx gained the Dutch and International Champion titles rather easily and it is a pity we did not start earlier with showing her. Mexx has become the mother of our kennel. Her son Borg went in no time Dutch Junior Champion and JUNIOR WORLD WINNER. Her daughter Puma was very close to Dutch Junior Champion. We can reflect to our Puma, Borg & Ciaga and their (half)sisters and (half)brothers lovely temperaments with their fine families. Also to the excellent show results of Puma, Davidoff & Borg and we hope we can go on with these dogs in the future. Furthermore we have family and friends who sincere love and support us and help us when we are out for shows. They, we and our animals are healthy and all our lifes are going rather smoothly. We try to keep it simple and focus on our own strategy and responsibilities in our kennel, we can tone down and wish other people their joy. With the ups and downs we are so happy and satisfied with all what our dog kennel life has given us so far. We want to continue very much and looking forward to what the future will bring us.
We could not think for better reasons and therefore we have welcomed some family and (RR)friends at our home for The Borg Party. All thanks for being there!
We were missing Henk’s father and Edith’s parents, who would certainly have said: dear children and doggy-grandchildren, we are proud of you! ”Rainen no, koto o ioeto, oni ga warau” and ”Carpe Diem maar kalmpjes aan”!
July 4, 2010. Thanks to the RRCN for sending out a special edition of the e-newsletter that Paerdecroon Baron Borg has brought the JUNIOR WORLD WINNER title to the Netherlands.
June 25, 2010 World Dog Show in Herning/Denmark
June 26, 2010 World Dog Show Specialty in Sunds/Denmark
WDS : Paerdecroon Baron Borg had become WORLD JUNIOR WINNER 2010! and RESERVE BEST OF BREED! Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff was judged with an Excellent in a hug and high quality Open Class. Both super results. For video please see the link videos / WDS Herming 2010.
We have no words to express our emotions of pride and happiness to win this desirable title with Borg, bred in our kennel, at an age of almost 15 months. Handsome Borg is a dog out of a million with lovely, calm, self-confident and intelligent temperament. Idle Borg really likes the attention and to be in the limelight’s.
WDS Specialty : Paerdecroon Baron Borg is appointed BEST JUNIOR. Again an Excellent for lovely Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff. He presented himself in the show ring very free and relaxed. Davidoff was selected to the last 5 out of 26 entries. Unfortunately he had to leave the ring just before placing. Davidoff did an excellent job.
Thanks for all congratulations for Borg’s stunning performances. Again judges were so positive about Borg as they expressed Borg is approaching the high goal of the RR breeding standards. Also their special words to the appealing team Henk & Borg to wish them all the best for the future. We have enjoyed our short holiday and stay in a hospitable B&B with our 2 boys very much.
6 June, 2010 Today was a very happy day. Also because of the fact that some friends of ours were finally present to support Paerdecroon Baron Borg final performance in youth class in the Netherlands. They are familiar with several kind of equestrian events and own dogs by themselves, but it took a long time to convince them that a dog show is more than ‘’poodles with rollers and make up’’. They were surprised about the atmosphere, the number of participants and visitors and had even a good time. Thank you all!
At this very pleasant outdoor show judge Jan Coppens allowed Borg his 6th JCAC with Excellent.
From begin March 2010 till today Borg had entered 8 international shows with different judges. This has resulted in 6 x 1st place, 1 x 3rd place, 1 x no placing and all with Excellent assessments. At an age of 12 months Borg has gained 3x JCAC and herewith the Dutch Youth Championship. Two months later Borg has collected 6 x JCAC, 4 x CAC and 2 x res. CAC.
We will make effort to continue with further socializing and training, to keep him fit and happy, to take care of a lot of variation and challenges but above all give him time to grow out.
In the summer time we will enter Borg on a few shows abroad.
Our sincere thanks to all judges and others for believing in our Borg, for all their excellent comments and good wishes for the future. So far Borg’s development is like a dream for us.

30 May, 2010 On this wet ‘sunny’ day we visited the fine situated outdoor Jachthondenshow (only hunting dogs) in Bennekom with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Baron Borg. Davi had his debut in the Open Class and collected a nice 2nd place with Very Good. Borg got the one and only excellent assessment of all entered males and so he became Best Male immediately without going back in the show ring. Herewith Borg has collected his 5th JCAC and 4th full CAC now. Afterwards the Champion Class Bitch became BOB and Borg turned BOS. Judge gave Borg many compliments and advised to be very careful and proud of him.

28 May, 2010 Our clown Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff celebrates his 2nd Birthday! Thank you Davi for being a member of our family.

25 May, 2010 Our well mover Welsh A pony Gladdys has left our stable to start a sport career in the horse drive sport.
Furthermore we received the exceptional news that 3! children of the KWPN mare Evelien, which is also the mother of our black KWPN mare Kyra, are very successful in the international jumping sport now. Our mare Kyra is double talented. Kyra got her formal sport certificate in the dressage division but her main capacity and sport debut went back to the jumping sport division too. We were asked for thinking to breed a (jumping related) foal with Kyra because of the supreme good pedigree of her mother delivering sport horses and present this (unborn) foal for (auction) selling. In spite of the fact that Kyra is in a top condition, 100% healthy, reliable and does not show any signs of her 18 years of age we do not say yes immediately to let her give birth in the natural way to her first foal at an age of 19 or to start the procedure of flushing out her eggs and bring fertilized eggs into surrogate breeding mares.

May 23, 2010 On this beautiful sunny day we visited the Pinkstershow in Arnhem. After a half year break Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) had entered the show ring again. She did a very good job and was placed 2 Excellent in the Open Class. Paerdecroon Baron Borg did his utmost as well and gained a nice 3 Excellent in Youth Class.
Outside the ring both dogs have charmed a lot of visitors due to their high darling and hug level. Anne with Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx (Touza) were present too. Unfortunately Touza was not feeling well and gained a fine Very Good without placement.

May 8, 2010 Today we visited the VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung in Dortmund (Germany) with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Baron Borg. Overall there were a hug number of entries. Borg gained a nice Excellent without placing in Youth Class and Davidoff was placed 4th! with Excellent in the Intermediate Class. It was a nice show with a lot of cosy chats. Also happy to meet and cuddle our Ridgeback friend Ulanyo again.

May 6, 2010 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Paerdecroon A-litter ”puppies” Murhan, Taboe, Pepper, Bailey, Mila, Moos, Mika, Joe, Buga, Ella and Puma are 3 years young, and adults now. Puma’s birthday gift is an agility set which is a big success for whole our pack.

April 17, 2010 It is really almost unbelievable. At the international show Goes Paerdecroon Baron Borg has won the junior class again and herewith Borg has gained his 4th JCAC. Afterwards he became 2nd Best Male and gained the reserve CAC. It is absolute amazing how he is going around in the showring and is presenting himself.
Zaxxon’s Deligthful Davidoff was judged with Very Good 1st place. Good job also.

April 8, 2010 Below a summary of 2 weeks roller coaster of emotions.
We are so sorry to mention that Edith’s father got a small heart attack on 28 March and passed away complete all of a sudden at an age of 85 years on 2 April 2010. Only 3,5 hours after he was discharged from the hospital, in his own beloved environment his heart stopped from one to the other second.
On 3 April 2010 Marie-Anne brought us flowers for remembering Paerdecroon Baron Boss (Badu) and to tell us that her family will welcome a very sweet dog of 8 years, born in the streets of Spain and is now looking for a second family in the Netherlands. We are happy for all that this Spanish doggy will have another chance in her family.
On 5 April 2010 on the international show in Leeuwarden Paerdecroon Baron Borg gained his 3rd JCAC and is now Dutch Junior Champion! We are extreme proud that Borg has won this title in just 1 month time, winning 3 x JCAC, 2 x CAC and 1 x res. CAC at 3 international shows, at an age of 1 year and will need just ¾ CAC for his Dutch Champion title. As his breeder, owner, handler but above all as his friend we could only dream for this result on beforehand. Our effort to obtain the Dutch Champion title has to wait for at least 15 months till Borg will have an age of 27 months. We have to think it over what to do in the meantime.
At the same show Borg’s sister, Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx (Touza) was placed 1st in a very strong junior class with 10 beautiful bitches. She gained her 1st JCAC. Well done Anne & Touza!!!
Due to our family circumstances we were not in the mood to celebrate both marvelous results of our kennel too exuberantly with promo pictures etc. Most important that day for us was to be with our RR-friends and to receive their warm support. Hopefully Paerdecroon Baron Borg and Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx will be judged with another JCAC in the coming half year and that we can express our emotions better at that time.
Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff was placed 1st in the intermediary class with Very Good. We were happy with this result as the judge was very precise.
On 6 April 2010 we unfortunately had to say farewell to our Jack Russel Sjaak at an age of 11 years and 4 months. In just a few days time the terrible illness cancer showed up and we only could help Sjaak to put him a sleep. Farewell our dear Sjaak, so beloved dog friend of all our human friends.
On 7 April we had the cremation of Edith’s father. Farewell Pa Goedee; we will miss you … we will meet again…. somewhere… some time….

April 2, 2010 Paerdecroon Barons and Baronesses 1 year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Themba, Bandu, Bono, Jengo, Touza, Ciaga & Borg.
Our thoughts are with Badu.

Publicity Kennel Paerdecroon
March 31, 2010 Radio 538 interview Edwin Evers with Mark van Bommel. Joe, who is so beloved by the whole family, was one of the topics!
March 30, 2010 Newspaper De Telegraaf: Bayern Munchen football player Mark van Bommel and ‘’our’’ Joe (Paerdecroon Munim)

March 20, 2010 We are very happy to mention that Paerdecroon Baron Borg has gained his second JCAC and also a reserve CAC with Excellent at the international dogshow Rijnland in Leiden.
Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff got a second place with Excellent in the Intermediar class. We are so proud of our stunning boys.

March 6/7, 2010 On Saturday we visited Paerdecroon Baroness By Mexx (Touza) family in the North of the Netherlands and stayed the night over there with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Baron Borg. Thanks for your warm welcome to our dogs and us.
On Sunday we visited the international Martinidogshow in Groningen. Davidoff was placed first in the intermediary class with Very Good.
Anne with Touza went in the show ring for the second time and did a good job gaining Excellent (no placing) in the large and high quality Youth Class. Well done!
Borg was on steam. For the first time in Youth Class he was placed 1st out of 6 participants. Afterwards he obtained Best Male and Best of Breed! His first JCAC and CAC are in the pocket. We are extremely pleased with these results. For Best in Group it looked like that showing is Borg’s second nature. With extra flamboyance he has presented himself in the spotlights. Borg was selected to the last 6 but no placing. All is fantastic for a dog of only 11 months young. It was a very nice day with a lot of friendly chats. Thanks to all for your congratulations.

February 5, 2010 We received the results of Zaxxon’s Deligthful Davidoff X-rays: HD A with Norbergwaarde 40 / ED free / OCD free. so PERFECT!

January 31, 2010 Unfortunately at our last pup meeting Paerdecroon Baron Brax (Jengo) could not be present. Today we visited Jengo at his family and happy to experience that Jengo is so beloved by all and is a full family member. We were treated to a very nice dinner and a beautiful album of Jengo. Wilfred, Hellen, Demi and Milou, many thanks for your hospitality.

January 30, 2010 We planned to go to the show in Mouscron (Belgium) with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Mumoja (Puma) today. Plans are changed, because yesterday evening Davidoff suddenly showed an extreme painful syndrome with very much noise out of his belly. We were afraid for a gastric torsion. We rushed to the vet immediately and did an X-ray and ultrasound. The vet diagnosed a serious constipation in the small intestine and gave some medicine. It was a thrilling night with still a risk Davidoff needed a medical surgery. At the end of this morning the rogue came out: a clot of hay!
Our RR- friend Katja Mateboer had to say farewell to her so beloved, beautiful and famous Dodge (N’Gai Zamu of Ginda’s Hero) unexpectedly this afternoon. We want to express our sympathy and wish Katja and her family all strenght in these imaginary circumstances.

January 29, 2010 Our oldest senior chicken, approximately 10 years or more old, passed away. She has had a real good life

January 23, 2010 Today we went with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff and Paerdecroon Baron Borg to the Clubmatch of K.V. Waalwijk in Kaatsheuvel. Last year we planned that today it would be the second show performance of Paerdecroon Baron Boss (Badu). Unfortunately Badu’s sad final lot had decided for something else. We thank Marie-Anne, Meike and Jannes for their brave and sympathy support and presence today.
Borg has won the Youth Class with Excellent and Davidoff has won the Intermediary Class with Excellent. For Best Male our boys were each other rivals but Davidoff showed Borg that he had the oldest rights. Final Davidoff became BOB and later on BOG2.

Furthermore we enjoyed the adorable competition for the best child-dog-combination very much. Pictures of our favorite cute toddler handlers: