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On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


News 2011

18 December 2011
CAC/CACIB show in Brussels . Last show of 2011. We can be proud of Henk’s perfect handling today, and of wagging tale Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune with his 2nd place in strong Youth Class with Excellent, and balanced Paerdecroon Baron Borg with a 3rd place with Excellent in a strong Open Class. Mojo and Borg had the true show attitude and both did a very good job. Also outside the show ring our boys got compliments. Furthermore Prince Charming Mojo was one of the most cuddled and photographed dogs when he enamored many many visitors passing his bench; Casanova Mojo has a high hug factor.

12 December 2011
Today at the CAC/CACIB show in Wijchen. Paerdecroon Baron Borg (32 months) a 2nd place in the open class with Excellent. We hope that 2012 will bring him the Dutch champion title. A new year with new opportunities!
Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune did a nice job also. Open, free and friendly he entered the Youth Class for the first time. He gained a 2nd place with Excellent and a marvelous ”more than excellent” judge report. One of the remarks is that Mojo has ”zeer fraaie lippen” (very nice lips)… Sweet Mojo is for kissing … that’s for sure!

3 December 2011
At the international show in Rouen/France Paerdecroon Baron Borg became BEST OF BREED with CAC / CACIB.
Unnecessary to explain that we are very proud of our stunning Borg.
Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) became 2nd Best Bitch with res.CAC/res.CACIB. Well done sweet Puma; she was so close to her International Championship.

2 December 2011 Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s girlfriend Gelbrich Douwtzen van Aemburen is confirmed in whelp. Puppies will be expected approx. 9 January 2012 at Kennel Van Aemburen/NL.

27 November 2011 Today at the Winner CAC / CACIB show in Amsterdam. Paerdecroon Baron Borg was handled in the open class (11 entries). Together with 5 other dogs Borg gained an excellent, unfortunately no placement for Borg this time.

5 November 2011 Today at the Bleiswijk Paerdecroon Baron Borg went 3rd Best Male with Excellent and res. CACIB; Borg got a judge report you can only dream of. Super result! but res. CAC would give him the Dutch Championship… again so close. Looking forward to the next try.

30 October 2011 Big Carnelian litter Reunion. We are happy and proud to welcome back home all 11 puppies with their families and daddy Farmers Guardian African Akono with Wolle & Petra. All ”puppies” have a lovely temperament, great body structure, nice heads, good angulations, good chests and excellent movements. We felt it as very honorable that all were present. We had a great day together with a nice walk with each other and drinks etc. afterwards. Thank you !

On 2 April 2011 during a terrible delivery Ferra’s Chuma Mexx fan under de mune gave birth to the Carnelian litter: 9 boys and 2 girls; all strong and healthy puppies. Because of several worrisome inexplicable signs we drove to the veterinarian on beforehand at night. That was the luck for Mexx, the babies and us that we followed our common sense but above all our heart. At the vet’s place Mexx’s situation turned complete wrong very fast. During the caesarian section it appeared that the womb was turned over and exploded already, which is a fatal situation for all. Because of the exploded womb a complete castration was needed immediately. The next period was insecure because of possible infections and coming on stream of the milk production. But we managed it all with our strong focus and love to mother and babies and with help of Henk & Wil Vermeulen, who were present at the reunion too.

We experienced with our C litter that breeding means above all that you have to take it how it comes and it is what it is. We still are very sorry that we could not add a girl out of this litter to our kennel. With our breeding strategy in mind we had to deal with flexibility, considerations, choices and acceptation. Our integrity and honesty in this gave us respect, friendship and a priceless trust in our kennel from all whom it concerned. For that we are thankful. Therefore this litter was very special to us!

25 October 2011 Unfortunately we received a sad message from Austria. Mirjam Klobassa informed us that Tosha is not pregnant.Whatever the reason for this was we shall never know. Nature has so decided.
2 October 2011 Today at the International show Zwolle …. again!… Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s was close to his Dutch Championship. Borg won the Open Class with Excellent and became 3rd Best Male; he got the res. CACIB, but not the res. CAC, which Borg only needs for the Dutch Champion Title. We continue….
Beauty and sweety Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) did great job. In a strong and large Open Class she gained a 2nd place with Excellent. We are very happy with this nice result.

25 September 2011 We visited Jan & Emmy Sijtsma / Kennel Van Aemburen in Witmarsum to admire the beautiful puppies of Jildou & Borg. Puppies are already 6 weeks of age and will fly out next week to their new families. Also stack photo’s are made. Thank you ‘’Friesland’’ for your hospitality today.

24 September 2011 International show Maastricht. Paerdecroon Baron Borg 2nd place in the Open Class with Excellent. Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) a Very Good without placement in the Open Class.

23 September 2011 Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s Austrian girlfriend Chipangali’s Tosha of Ubangi’s visited us for a love date. The mating went perfect. We cross our fingers for Tosha’s pregnancy. Thank you Mirjam & Raphael for you pleasant stay and trust in Borg. For pictures see Borg / planned mating.

4 September 2011 We are proud that Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s picture is selected for the month September of the calendar Rhodesian Ridgebacks 2012 edition made by Karin van Klaveren.

3 September 2011 Paerdecroon’ success continues at the Dutch Rhodesian Ridgeback Champion Specialty in Houten.
Paerdecroon Carnelian Cardin won the large Baby Class males with Very Promising. Well done Ingeborg!
Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune gained a beautiful 2nd place in a large Puppy Class males with Very Promising.
Paerdecroon Baron Borg has won a very strong Breeders Class with Excellent and became Best of Breed Breeders Class, which is a very honor result.
Borg’s achievments on the Dutch Champion Specialty over the last 3 years:
2009 BEST OF BREED Puppy Class, 2010 BEST OF BREED Junior Class + 2nd Best Male and 2011 BEST OF BREED Breeders Class
Unnecessary to express that we are tremendous proud and happy with all results at the Euro Dog Show and the Dutch Champion Specialty. We enjoyed this day very much and it was great to welcome almost 200 participants also a lot from abroad. Furthermore we express our thanks to the RRCN organization for this day!

2 September 2011 Today at the International Euro Dog Show in Leeuwarden in a large and very strong Open Class: Paerdecroon Baron Borg 3rd place with Excellent. Borg’s son and daughter did a great performance in the puppy class: Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune 1st with Very Promising and Kimani’s Makeba fan under de mune 1st with Very Promising / Best of Breed Puppy Class. Later on in the Ring of Honor, Makeba became 2nd Best Puppy overall, which is an amazing end result on this show.
An unique moment to honor in our hearts is that Henk handled Shana’s Ferra fan under de Mune in the Veteran Class. This beautiful good old lady, 12 !!! years of age, rocked the ring after a very long period and she liked it very much. Ferra is the mother of our Ferra’s Chuma Mexx fan under de Mune, grandmother of our Paerdecroon Mumoja and Paerdecroon Baron Borg and great-grandmother of our Kimani’s Mojo fan under de Mune. Sweet and strong Ferra gained a 3rd place with an Excellent. Thank you, Winie to award this special moment to Henk. One day before at the CAC show Leeuwarden Ferra became Best Veteran, also with an Excellent.
‎Also 3 male generations on the EDS Leeuwarden today : Emoyeni’s Grand Zuberi (Lex) with his son Paerdecroon Baron Borg and his grandson Kimani’s Mojo fan under de Mune. Thank you Tina & Lex for modelling to immortalize this special moment. Lex gained a 3rd place in the Veteran Class with Excellent.

27 August 2011 Int. Show Rotterdam. Paerdecroon Baron Borg 2nd place with Excellent in the open class. Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune chaperoned this fathter Borg and did some practise in the show ring, which Mojo executed amazing enjoyable well for the first time at an indoor show.

21 August 2011 Today in the Nekker Hal with very high temperature and nice atmosphere around the ring, Paerdecroon Baron Borg & Henk were a dream team during the International Show in Mechelen/Belgium. First Paerdecroon Baron Borg became Best of Breed (41 entries) with CAC and CACIB. Later in the ring of honor this team gave the best. Despite of the tropical temperature inside the hal Borg (and Henk) stayed concentrated and kept on running and showing himself which resulted in Best in Group 6!. In the finals for Best in Show Paerdecroon Baron Borg was selected as 7th Best Dog of the Show (1.770 entries). No words can express how proud we are.

18 August 2011 We are so sorry that fully unexpectedly the smallest Van Aemburen-Borg puppy girl is found death in the whelping box late at night yesterday. This puppy is delivered to the vet for dissect; no reason for her sudden death was found. Farewell little yellow sunshine; you were a real beauty.

17 August 2011 We visited family Sijtsma and their Van Aemburen-Borg puppies; of course we are in love with all.

14 August 2011 We are extreme proud to announce that Imani v Aemburen (Jildou) & Paerdecroon Baron Borg gave birth to 13 wonders. Unfortunately 1 correct male is still born. We welcome 5 males and 7 girls (1 girl with perfect box but one crown in top and one below in ridge, all other ridges correct, nice colors). Jildou has done a great job with her first pup delivery. Jildou is doing fine. Pups are healthy and happy so far. First impression is: beautiful heads, long necks and good schoulders. What more to say for now; Jan & Emmy Sijtsma and we are very thankful!

14 August 2011 Today we were at the DZRR Lure Coursing in Gelsenkirchen/Germany with Paerdecroon Baroness Balenciaga and Paerdecroon Baron Borg. For both it was the first time to participate at such a coursing track. Balenciaga showed her talent again and she is so very excited to run. Borg too, and this ‘show dog’ gained an amazing 3rd place!!!
Thanks you Nicolette Foschum for the organization of this day; you were the sunshine between all raindrops.

8 August 2011 X-rays made of Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s shoulders and lower back. All show perfect results. Shoulders OCD free. Lower back free of DLS and free of Transitional Vertebra.

7 August 2011 A beautiful day Summer Coursing RRCN in Venlo with Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff, Paerdecroon Baroness Balenciaga en Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune. Balenciaga 2 full runs without placement and she likes it very much. Balenciaga’s coursing career will be continued for sure. Mojo had fun and finished after a baby run in the morning and half round in the afternoon; unfortunately no finish results available. Davidoff enjoyed the day very much, but coursing was not his cup of tea today.

4 August 2011 Photoshoot with Paerdecroon Baron Borg and Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune by Karin van Klaveren. Thank you Karin, so very much for the beautiful pictures.

30 + 31 July 2011 Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune did a great job during in the Baby Class of the ELSA show in Bad Wildungen. It was Mojo’s first performance. The Baby Class males was very busy with 12 entries on Saturday and 10 entries on Sunday. Saturday (Spezial-Rassenhund-Ausstellung) no placement, but a lovely report. Sunday (ELSA Clubschau) Mojo went Best Baby with very promising words of the judge for Mojo in the future. Especially we overall received lots of compliments outside the show ring about his beautiful expression and above all about his original light wheaten color with so much warm pigmentation.
Paerdecroon Baron Borg. Open Class males was busy with 20 entries on Saturday and 19 entries on Sunday. Saturday (Spezial-Rassenhund-Ausstellung) no placement. Sunday (ELSA Clubschau) Borg gained a beautiful 2nd place.

13 July 2011 Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s girlfriend Jildou (Imani van Aemburen) is confirmed in whelp. Vet has seen a lot of babies on the ultrasound.

11 July 2011 Rhodesian Ridgeback Clubmatch de France in Messy. Paerdecroon Baron Borg achieved an Excellent without placement in the Open Class. We enjoyed this day very much in the beautiful environment… we have taken pleasure in the days before together with RR friends …..vive PaRRis….. vive La France!

10 July 2011 World Dog Show in Paris. Paerdecroon Baron Borg was showed in a huge and high quality Open Class and he won !!! with Excellent. Afterwards Paerdecroon Baron Borg had to compete against the winner of the Intermediate Class for CAC or reserve CAC; Paerdecroon Baron Borg gained the reserve CAC. In fact Paerdecroon Baron Borg was with the winners of the Intermediate and Champion Class in the race for the title World Winner 2011. We are very happy with the res.CAC on this major show.This is an absolute amazing result after being the World Junior Winner 2010, winning the Yearling Class on Crufts in March latest and the 2nd place Open Class on the FCI Jahrhundertsieger Show in Dortmund in May latest, all under different judges.
Our congratulations goes to all and special to Wolfgang & Petra and Farmers Guardian African Akono (father of our Carnelian Litter) to become World Winner 2011 and Leon & Ilse and Ridgevalley Farouk African Jewel for World Junior Winner 2011 + Best of Breed. Chappeau!!!
Also our sincere thanks for all support, congratulations and nice words about stunning Paerdecroon Baron Borg.
Furthermore there was a new (show)certificate to obtain in PaRRis: B(est) O(f) S(hoes) and the winner is …. Henk!
9 July 2011 Paerdecroon Baron Borg entered the Championnat de France in Paris in the Open Class and he gained an Excellent without placement.

7 July 2011 The vet did an ultrasound at Mumoja (Puma) and unfortunately there are no babies to see. We are so sorry for this as we were so looking forward to it.

2 July 2011 Formal result of Henk’s KK2 examination: we are so happy to announce that Henk has passed it with success! CONGRATULATIONS!
Now Henk will continue with the education E&B (Exterior and Movement).

30 June 2011 Henk has examination of KK2 (Kynologische Kennis 2) .

24 June 2011 This morning a veterinary specialist has collect semen of Paerdecroon Baron Borg for preparation to be frozen and stored. We saw almost 800 million Mini-Borgjes; 45% was rapid, 44,2% medium, 10,6% slow and 0,2% static. Quantity and quality are extreme high.

19 June 2011 Clubmatch KC De Kempen with Paerdecroon Baron Borg, it resulted in 1 EXC Open Class.

13 June 2011 Not always our dream comes through. We say goodbye to ”our (girl) mission” the last Carnelian Nr. 11, good looking, friendly and open minded girl Paerdecroon Carnelian Chopard.

We want to express our sincere thanks to all Carnelian owners for their trust in our kennel, dogs and us and wish all lots of happiness, love and luck with their pups.

12 June 2011 More love is in the air at Paerdecroon. Fingers crossed for a drazzling Paerdecroon D-litter of Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff & Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) half August 2011.

11 June 2011 Friesland meets Brabant; Jildou meets Borg for a succesful mating. Jildou, Go For It! We wish you and your family Sijtsma nice and healthy puppies.

6 June 2011 we received the sad news that after a short period of sickness, our beloved Paerdecroon Munim (Joe) from our A-Litter, has passed the rainbow bridge. We know he had the time of his life, it was only too short…

4 June 2011 First progesteron test of Puma … result = 2,41 (already) … Paerdecroon D-litter will go on!

2 June 2011 Nr. 8, 9 and 10 goodlooking self-confident Paerdecroon Carnelian Cardin, special touching pure Paerdecroon Carneool Carven and creative happy Paerdecroon Carneool Calvin can finally be welcomed in their new homes.

1 June 2011 Final check by vet and remove sutures by Paerdecroon Carnelian Cardin and Paerdecroon Carneool Carven. We are so pleased that from the injury there is only a little scrab left.

31 May 2011 Nr. 7 our so pleased sunshine happy girl Paerdecroon Carneool Cartier goes to her new family.

30 May 2011 GREAT NEWS Paerdecroon Mumoja (Puma) shows signs of her period – the start of our D-litter.

29 May 2011 and to Nr. 4, 5 and 6 … special cool nature Paerdecroon Carneool Clerc, stunning strong Paerdecroon Carnelian Cruyff and Mr. King X-factor Paerdecroon Carnelian Caprice … we miss them already … it becomes silent…

28 May 2011 And nr.3… pretty easy going Paerdecroon Carneool Calcio.
Furthermore Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff is 3 years of age now… HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweety Daaf.

27 May 2011 And nr. 2 … we say goodbye to the handsome tough guy Paerdecroon Carnelian Carbone.

26 May 2011 As first naughty golden dandy Paerdecroon Carnelian Camel has left his mother Mexx and us to have a great future at his new family.

23 May 2011 Paerdecroon Carnelian Cardin and Paerdecroon Carneool Carven had a successful surgery to remove the dermoid sinus.

16 May 2011 Veterian inspection with excellent results and vaccination of the Carnelian litter.

14 May 2011 RRCN litter inspection of the Carnelian litter. See C-litter / facts about the puppies.

12 May 2011 Pups are chipped.

9 May 2011 Unfortunately the vet confirmed a dermoid sinus by 2 Carnelian boys. Surgery has been planned for 23 May.

Due to unknown reason the text of the new items from 1 January 2011 until 8 May 2011 is disappeared. Unfortunately no back up. Please contact us if you want to know something.