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On 29 November 2014 after 5 years of studying, lots of several practical experiences on dog shows and (RR breed related) formal (judging) traineeships, Henk Salm has passed the examination and is appointed to official judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. On 1 September 2018, Henk also passed the examination for the breed Dalmatian.


News 2014

23 December 2014
Paerdecroon Baron Borg is home for Christmas. Artist Monique van Wijk made a grandious painting of Borg. We are so happy with the result. Many many thanks Monique!

14 December 2014
International dog show Winner Amsterdam. Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr was placed 2nd in Champion Class with Excellent.
Voiis (Nyanga Evjohar Chaitali) got 1st place in Minor Puppy Class with Very Promising.
Paerdecroon Divo Davinci & Anne gained Very Good without placement and Paerdecroon Dutch Duchess & Herman a nice 4th place with Very Good in Open Class.

12 December 2014 
International dog show Holland Cup Amsterdam. And again!!!… our power girl Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr become BEST OF BREED and 3rd Best in Group 6. Again an amazing result.
Furthermore it was Voiis (Nyanga Evjohar Chaitali) first offcial performance. Our little man did a perfect job and gained Very Promising/Best Minor Puppy of Breed.

10 December 2014 Haiba Kaisoon D-Land Dragonfly (Toffee) gave birth to 10 wonderful puppies (7 males/3 females). All with correct ridge. Delighted Daddy Davidoff is very proud of this litter.

7 December 2014 Henk & Henorr travelled to Rouen/France for Exposition Internationale de Rouen. Henorr gained Best Female with CAC/CACIB/BOS.

29 November 2014 Tremendous proud! After 5 years of study, several traineeships and practise Henk passed the examen and is now offcial judge for the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback. Well done!!!

28 November 2014 Today our old sport horse Kyra, our black beauty, went over the rainbow. She gained a wonderful age of almost 23 years and was in our stables for 18 years. Run free beautiful and honest Kyra.

15 November 2014. International show Kortrijk/Belgium. Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr gained 2nd place in Champion Class with Excellent. Paerdecroon Diva Dolce & Joyce gained also an Excellent without placement in Open Class.

6 November 2014 Great new from Germany! Haiba Kaisoon D-Land Dragonfly (Toffee) is confirmed in whelp. Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff will be a daddy again.

2 November 2014 Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr did it again! BEST OF BREED int show Bleiswijk today.

1 November 2014 Proud of Henk & Borg’s Nyne fan under de mune. Today at the in Bleiswijk this team gained 1st place in Open Class with Excellent / res. CACIB.

17 October 2014 We are very happy that Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr won a strong open class (18 entries) with Excellent and 2 CAC’s for German Champion. Also very special that Henorr was in the open class with her mum’s sister Kangelani’s Gentle Malaika by Clay. Two Norwegian girls, aunt and niece, together in Germany.

4 October 2014 International dogshow in Zwolle. Borg’s Nyne fan under de mune gained an Excellent without placement. Sweet and happy Nyne is always wagging her tail and so friendly in the show ring.

2 October 2014 Black day for us personal and for our kennel. We are heartbroken. We don’t have much words which can express our intense sadness.
“When a dog could be your best friend, than I had to say farewell to my best friend and soul mate Paerdecroon Baron Borg”.

27 September 2014 Today we visited the international dog show in Maastricht. Sweet Borg’s Nyne fan under de mune gained a nice 2Excellent in Intermediate Class all the time wagging her tail.

7 September 2014 Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr BEST OF BREED RRCN Clubmatch + Dutch Champion.

23/24 August 2014 On Saturday Paerdecroon Baron Borg´s son in Finland Aminiafu´s Hishima HOiva becam BOB in Kouvola all breed show. On Sunday Oiva BM2 in Heinola all breed show.

23 August 2014 At the nationale show in Århus Paerdecroon Empress Embrace won Excellent2 in Juniorclass with a very nice critics.

17 August 2014 Now the title of the NORD CH is finally confirmed! NORD CH (FI, S, DK), EE CH, EEJW-13, EEW-14
Aminiafu’s Hishima H-Oiva “Oiva” (Paerdecroon Baron Borg x Kangelani’s Gentle Gaby by Clay), DOB 10.4.2012

20 July 2014 RRCN coursing Rotterdam: Paerdecroon Baron Borg and his daughter Aminiafu’s Punky who was visiting us all the way from Norway. Thank you Guro Flinterud for visiting us.

13 July 2014 Daddy Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff & we had a very nice get-together with all Bongani’s Come-Backies this afternoon.
All ”puppies” of Amila x Davidoff with their families were present. Special thanks to you all for joining and lovely expressions about your new family member.
6 July 2014 Congratzzzz to all Paerdecroon Emperors and Empresses with their 1st birthday.

5 July 2014 Nyanga Evjohar Bashira & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff puppies are born. 14 healthy pups (10 males / 4 females). All pups are ridged and no kink tails.

21 June 2014 Very proud and happy to announce that today at the International Outdoor Dog Show Uden Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s Norwegian daughter Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr became again Best Bicht with CAC/CACIB – Best of Breed – 2nd Best in Group 6.

15 June 2014 Today at the International Jachthonden show in Papendal/Arnhem (NL) under judge Mr. M. Lepasaar (Estonia) team Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr & Henk did again a great job. Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr won a strong open class (8 entries) with Excellent and became Best Bitch / Best of Breed / Best in Group4 under judge Mrs.S. Lepasaar (Estonia). Joyce with Paerdecroon Diva Dolce gained an Excellent without placement in the open class. Well done!
Now Henorr has 4xCAC sufficient for Dutch Champion but we need to wait till she will reach the age of 27 months.
Needless to say that we are extreme proud of our Norwegian girl, daughter of our Paerdecroon Baron Borg & Kangali’s Gentle Gaby by Clay.

15 June 2014 Paerdecroon Baron Borg’s Spanish girlfriend Molema Mua Roo Miss Congeniality (Odile) has been successfully inseminated.

8 June 2014 International dog show Arnhem. Under judge mr. D. Rutten, Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr won the open class with Excellent and became Best Bitch/BOS with CAC/CACIB. Herman & Paerdecroon Double Duchess gained a Good this time.

4 June 2014 Bashira’s is confirmed in whelp. Puppies will be expected approx. 9 July 2014.

25 May 2014 All breed show Denmark Lene with our ”Danish” girl Paerdecroon Empress Embrach gained 1Excellent junior class and BOS.

24 May 2014 Paerdecroon Baron Borg and Paerdecroon Diva Dexx had again a great time and fun during RRCN coursing Rijssen.

11 May 2014 Today at the Europasieger-Ausstellung Dortmund: Open Class – Paerdecroon Double Duchess with Herman, Open Class – Paerdecroon Divo Davinci with Anne and Champion Class – Paerdecroon Baron Borg with Henk. All 3 got an Excellent without placement.

7-8 May 2014 Davidoff & Bashira had 2 succesful matings. Fingers crossed for Bashira’s pregnancy.

27 April 2014 RRCN Coursing with Paerdecroon Baron Borg and Paerdecroon Diva Dexx. Both love it! and had 2 great runs with lots of fun.

20 April 2014 International show Goes our sweetheart Kimani’s Mojo fan under de mune entered the show ring again after almost a year. Relaxed Mojo did a super job and gained a 3rd place with Excellent in the open class. Well done!
Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr stayed like a house as always and moved so well; she won the open class with Excellent.

13 April 2014 Today at the RRCN offspring day Shayela Kitambi Ngwani Ravira (Kinaya ) & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff presented all their 11 ‘’pups’’ to the judge. Very happy for and proud of Natascha de Ruyter the breeder that the complete litter was present and got very nice critics. Also all ‘’pups’’ behaved so well in and outside the ring. For daddy Daaf it was a very long time ago to be in the show ring; he did a great job.

5 April 2014 Today at the international show in Utrecht Hans & Paerdecroon Empress Evita (Puck) had their very first show ever, for both a debut in the show ring. Out of 4 entries in puppy class they gained the 1st place and BEST PUPPY!
Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr gained the 1st place with Excellent/ res. CACIB (will turn in full CACIB) in intermediair class with a wonderful show report.

22 March 2014 International show Leiden. Very proud of Anne & Paerdecroon Divo Davinci (Basu). They won BEST OF BREED with CAC/CACIB and BIG4.
Paerdecroon Diva Dexx gained the 1st place with Excellent in Intermediar Class.

7 March 2014 Great time with friends at CRUFTS. Paerdecroon Baron Borg and his daughter Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr entered dfs CRUFTS (UK). Paerdecroon Baron Borg succeeded to pass the first selection, however no placement for him in the Open Class. Also for Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr no placement in the Limit Class.

14 February 2014 Very proud to announce mating plans in the Netherlands at Kennel Nyanga-Evjohar between Nyanga Evjohar Bashira & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff. Litter expected Early Summer 2014. For more information please contract Anna Dijkstra

12 February 2014 Very proud to announce mating plans in Norway – Kennel Wynnheim between Kangelani’s Kuwa Nia & Zaxxon’s Delightful Davidoff. Litter expected in Summer 2014. For more information please contact Heidi Rimmen

1 February 2014.Festival der Rassehunde in Castrop-Rauxel Germany. Paerdecroon Baron Borg got 1st place in Champion Class with Excellent. Aminuafu’s Hishima Henorr gained a 2nd place in Intermediar Class with Excellent.

19 January 2014 Paerdecroon Emperors & Empresses reunion. All 11 ‘puppies’ were present, also Brace all the way from Denmark. We believe that doggies, kids and adults had a good time in our RR Residence and play garden. We had a nice walk in the forest too. Dogs were spoiled with lot of cheese, sausages and cow ears…. sorry! Daddy Davidoff joined his children all the time. Mum Puma could not as she is in heat, but was present during the family picture. Proud grandma & Grande Dame Mexx invited herself for that photo shoot.

11 January 2014 Over the moon! Today at dog show in Boston/UK with 113 entries Aminiafu’s Hishima Henorr was entered in post graduate class and limit class. Henorr won both! With her limit class win Henorr is now qualified for Crufts life long. More success because Henorr became also Best Bitch and BEST OF BREED! Isn’t this an amazing result? Thank you England! So proud of Henorr, beautiful daughter of Paerdecroon Baron Borg and Kangelani’s Gentle Gaby by Clay.

4 January 2014 Borg goes Spanish! Very pround to announce the litter plans between Molema Mua Rôo Miss Congeniality and Paerdecroon Baron Borg in Spring 2014. For more information please contact Vanessa Moyano

1 January 2014 Kennel Paerdecroon wish all her friends and relatives HAPPY NEW YEAR & All The Best for 2014.